The Suffolk Prepared website is full of information and provides key information on the Suffolk Resilience Forum and their role. This website can be a useful source of information which will continue to be added to as required so why not take a look at it now, "Suffolk Prepared". There is also "contact us" option so if you have any thoughts on the website or you can't find what your looking for then contact the  SRF. 

WeatherReady Winter Campaign 2022 -  Severe weather has been much in the news this year already with named storms and record-breaking heat, the impacts of which could be worse because of the additional challenges of cost of living and energy crises. 

In a recent survey the MET Office conducted, 42% of people still say they have been caught out by severe winter weather and that's where WeatherReady comes in! The campaign aims to bring together and share expert partner advice content designed to help people understand how they can best respond to the weather, so they not only stay safe, but are able to make the most of the different seasons.

Thinking ahead and preparing for what the weather may bring this winter can make a real difference. There are some simple steps you can take to stay safe and healthy at this time of year – from preparing your home or business to taking care of yourself, your family and neighbours. 

Their pages provide up-to-date, expert seasonal advice from carefully selected organisations to help you prepare for and respond to the weather, to stay safe and protect yourself, your homes and businesses. Their useful tips can be accessed by licking on the WeatherReady Logo or here